The Orono School District needs your help.  Like many school districts, Orono has experienced an increase in students who speak English as a second language.  Those students are classified as English Language Learners (ELL) because of their need to acquire English language proficiency while progressing in the core academic subjects.  Orono provides direct service to those students at all schools, but their needs often can be extensive and any additional support we can offer is critical to their success in Orono and the community.


Many dedicated school and community professionals as well as volunteers are working to enhance programming for ELL students.  One initiative is further utilizing volunteer mentors and existing resource rooms in each school building that will provide a place for support, assistance with learning and access to resources.  The primary needs for those rooms are supplies, materials and volunteers.  Material needs include: visual dictionaries, flash cards, color/number charts, games (board, lotto or similar), puppets, educational computer games, posters and token rewards (bookmarks for example).  Materials can be dropped off at the Special Services office in the Orono Education Link., Room 207.


Volunteers are needed in two capacities.  The first is to help establish, organize, and develop the rooms and the materials.  The second is to provide ongoing support and assistance to ELL students on a regularly scheduled basis.  Individuals with teaching and/or child development experience would be an ideal fit, but anyone with an interest in supporting students in our schools is welcome.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Corinna Graner at 952-449-8377 or Tiffany Clifton at 952-449-8351.