Position Description:

Water Safety Instructor Aides are not certified Water Safety Instructors, rather they work under the direct supervision of the Water Safety Instructor who is teaching the course. Although instructor aides can provide additional attention and supervision to participants, they are not substitutes for Water Safety Instructors nor Lifeguards. Water Safety Instructor Aides should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills being taught
  • Assist participants under the direction of the Water Safety Instructor
  • Recognize unsafe conditions and behaviors and respond by either addressing or reporting situations to the Water Safety instructor or the program administrator.
  • Help with clerical, supervisory and maintenance responsibilities.
  • Complete attendance as needed
  •  Lead warm up and other activities under supervision of instructor
  • Assist with set up of class equipment on a daily basis as needed
  • Assist with evaluating students at the end of each session to recommend advancement
  • Follow all aquatic safety procedures and notify supervisor of any safety concerns
  • Complete all training and in-services required

When instructor aides are used effectively, Water Safety instructors can focus more on the instructional aspects of the classes. Water Safety instructor aide candidates must be mature and responsible. Instructor aide candidates may be individuals who:

  • Do not meet the age requirement or are too inexperienced to become instructors.
  • Have expressed an interest in becoming instructors but want or need experience.
  • Want to help with a course without actually being an instructor.
  • Are preculded from completeing an instructor course by lack of qualifying credential (for example, course prerequisites or state regulations).   Instructor aide training may be completed through a formal instructor aide course or through an apprenticeship program.

Position Qualifications:

  • Current Red Cross Water Safety Assistant (WSA) certificate.
  • Must be at least 14 years old
  • Previous experience with swimming desired
  • Ability to assist students in the water
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents, students, co-workers and supervisor
  • Ability to follow directions and follow through on tasks.


  • 3-5 hours per day
  • 3-10 hours per week Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Pay Rate: 

  • Starting at $11.00 per hour


Direct questions to Katey Radant @ KATEY.RADANT@isd194.org 

Please apply online at: https://www.applitrack.com/isd194/onlineapp/