Successful background check required.

Skills Needed:
Thorough knowledge of subject(s) taught;  thorough knowledge of the principles and methodology of effective teaching;  ability to establish and maintain standards of behavior; and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, students and parents.
Exemplifies the following Five Character Traits: compassion, respect, responsibility, self discipline and honesty. 

Specific Tasks:
Seeking licensed and non-licensed staff to develop, facilitate, and lead afterschool enrichment during the weeks of Targeted Services. This program is a part of a summer expansion of opportunities for students funded through a grant from MDE. In partnership with other summer program staff, provide engaging enrichment and hands-on learning experiences for students grades 1-8 (will be divided into smaller groups with similar grades/ages); Ensure an inviting, safe, and engaging summer program for all; Participate in success of daily activities for program, transitions for students, and communication between students, families, staff/teachers, and district office; Provide overall student support to ensure success for all. 

Schedule and Wages:
July 11th-July 28th, 2022.  Monday-Thursday 11:30-3:30 and paid planning and prep time.  
Licensed staff will be paid at $50/hour.
Non-licensed instructors will be paid at $25/hour.