Burnsville-Eagan-Savage ISD#191

Seeking the following Nurse classifications:  

License / Education Requirements: 
Licensed by the MN Board of nursing preferred

Job Responsibilities: 
1. Provides appropriate emergency care of illness or injury to students and staff. 
2. Assists in the control of communicable diseases according to procedures. 
3. Administers oral, inhaled, and topical medications. Consults with the team regarding dosage, schedule for administration, side effects, expected effects, and other pertinent data regarding medication. Keeps accurate records of medications brought to the Health Office and records each administration of medication on the individual Student Medication Record. 
4. Maintains confidentiality of information learned regarding students and their families. 
5. Notifies building Principal of serious incidents, significant health problems, referrals, and possible child abuse. 
6. Exhibits knowledge of job limitations and accepts supervision. 
7. Performs all other health-related work delegated or required to accomplish the objectives of the total school health program.

For questions, please contact:

Allison Jordan
ALC Coordinator
Cell- 612.490.0663
Office – 952.707.4104