POSITION:    Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education

LOCATION:   District Administrative Office
TYPE OF POSITION:  Exempt Individual Executive Contract – 230 Days

  • Master’s Degree in educational leadership or related field.
  • K-12 Principal License
  • Superintendent License
  • Five or more years of experience as an educational leader at the school and/or district level in a medium or large organization
  • Five or more years of administrative and supervisory experience
  • Skilled in leadership core competencies including: strategic leadership, collaboration, judgment; communication, planning and execution, knowledge; initiative; adaptability; self-management; motivation and courage; cultural competence


  • Doctorate in educational leadership or related field

Other Qualifications:

  • Ability to effectively engage and support a diverse community of students, staff, family and community members in alignment with the district’s mission with demonstrated sensitivity and awareness regarding issues of race and culture
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills including experience with effective presentations to large groups
  • Strong relationship skills including coaching and consulting skills, the ability to effectively manage conflict, and the ability to lead and develop high functioning teams
  • Commitment to excellence and accountability in meeting the goals of the school district
  • Acts in accordance with professional ethics, state and federal laws and regulations, and district policies and procedures. 

Position Summary:
Under general supervision of the Superintendent, responsible for creating and modeling a culture of high expectations for all students, and providing leadership, direction, evaluation and ongoing support to elementary building and program leaders to facilitate school environments that address the diverse range of student needs across the district and supports the success of all students.  As a member of the Superintendent’s executive leadership team and cabinet, the Assistant Superintendent is responsible to support the overall leadership of the district, directly supervises the elementary principals and administrative interns, and collaborates with all district departments in support of the district mission and strategic plan. The Assistant Superintendent is a change agent who works with school communities to create the necessary conditions that result in dramatic and accelerated student achievement, closing the achievement gap and improving overall school performance. The Assistant Superintendent will also be responsible for leadership of other district level responsibilities, programs and initiatives as directed by the Superintendent.
Essential Functions:
Core Leadership Competencies

  • Strategic Leadership: Develop and communicate vision for area of responsibility; align function with the mission and core values of the organization; champion change and innovation; work with teams to set shared goals and standards for their work, examine data regarding effectiveness, and take action to meet standards
  • Collaboration: Foster cooperation across departmental boundaries; make and keep rigorous promises; establish and maintain effective relationships; communicate a vision for success, engage stakeholders and motivate others to take action for shared purposes
  • Judgment: Analyze issues and seek multiple perspectives before making decisions; use sound judgment considering immediate and long-term impact of decisions, and apply systems thinking; engage in decisive and responsive decision-making and consultative support to management partners
  • Communication: Foster two-way, open communication; listen and respond with empathy; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; apply meeting protocol; produce thorough and accurate reports; communicate effectively in public presentations
  • Planning and Execution: Focus organization on high priority objectives; foster alignment; establish specific measurable objectives; manage and improve processes; practice effective project management to achieve goals; hold staff accountable
  • Business Knowledge: Apply technical/functional expertise; provide thorough analysis; understand and manage technology and other resources for maximum impact on productivity; identify trends or challenges in the areas of responsibility and review and interpret data to recommend and/or deploy strategies to initiate system change and make district wide improvements in educational or administrative practices
  • Self-Management: Inspire trust; demonstrate adaptability and flexibility; practice good boundaries and confidentiality when required; engage in growth and self-development
  • Motivation and Courage: Drive for results; take a stand for the organization; take responsibility; press back against obstacles and patterns that impede progress
  • Cultural Competence: Work intentionally with an equity lens in analyzing the impact of race, culture, gender, socioeconomic status and other protected class considerations in all aspects of the organization; model cultural sensitivity and responsiveness and lead district and department work to support equitable access and achievement for all students and respect, inclusion and fairness for employees

Executive Level Leadership

  • Communicate with local, state and federal governmental agencies on matters that pertain to school operations
  • Build relationships and leverage partnerships with community organizations that will benefit district stakeholders
  • Represent the school district in a positive and professional manner at various district and community functions, at state and local organizations, and as a liaison to various partners
  • Work directly with parents/guardians, community partners and other stakeholders to address interests and resolve concerns
  • Provide leadership and support to principals, directors, supervisors, and coordinators to establish and communicate district processes, practices, policies and procedures
  • Meet with school board members, attend all school board meetings and work sessions, prepare information for the superintendent and board, and make school board presentations pertaining to areas of responsibility
  • Develop, revise, recommend and/or communicate school board policy and administrative procedures pertaining to areas of responsibility
  • Ensure continuous improvement by analyzing data, setting performance goals, monitoring standards for performance, aligning resources and prioritizing activities to achieve maximum results
  • Stay current with local, state and federal legislation in areas of responsibility and analyze local impact for communication to superintendent and staff
  • Model and require effective and efficient use of district resources and ethical conduct and practice as a public employee and in one’s area of licensure or certification

District Administration

  • Creates a culture of high expectations and supports high performing educational leadership teams.
  • Models and expects excellence and leverages data when working with school leaders and communities to drive systemic change to accelerate student achievement and close the achievement gap
  • Establishes a culture and expectation that school leaders will create a school environment that addresses diversity of needs and allows for the inclusion of all students including, English Language Learners and students with special needs
  • Provides transformational leadership to assess, plan, develop, launch and manage educational reform in underperforming schools, with the expected outcome of accelerating results for all students
  • Works in collaboration with district leaders to support and reinforce consistent and successful implementation of curriculum, assessment, testing, policies and practices that maximize educational options and lead to improved achievement for all students
  • Develops goals, objectives and strategies that support teaching and learning and facilitate accelerated learning and achievement for all students
  • Recognizes trends and patterns related to school performance and provides focused leadership, support and direction to school leaders to design and implement school improvement plans that result in the improvement of student achievement.
  • Actively supports the instructional process by providing ongoing feedback and support to school leaders through site visits, classroom observations, review of data and trends with a focus on student learning and overall school improvement
  • Applies knowledge and understanding of effective school curriculum, instructional strategies and assessment to support schools in meeting school and district identified performance targets
  • Sets clear expectations and holds building leaders accountable for maximum results


  • Supervises the day-to-day work of district elementary principals and educational programs in the implementation of district and superintendent goals
  • Facilitates the performance management and accountability process for principals, assistant principals and administrative interns
  • Works with building leaders to develop a shared vision, clear goals, high performance standards and research-based strategies to support and inform the teaching and learning processes at school sites
  • Sets high performance standards and goals and creates a sense of urgency to improve student outcomes and close the achievement gap between racial, ethnic and economic groups
  • Provides ongoing coaching to school leaders to build capacity to successfully effect change at the site level
  • Works in partnership with Human Resources and other key stakeholders to facilitate the refinement, implementation, monitoring and assessment of the principal and assistant principal evaluation system
  • Assumes a leadership role in the Superintendent’s Cabinet and assists with all related activities that impact school and district performance
  • Promotes effective communication among all members of the school community
  • Develops and maintains clear and inclusive decision making processes
  • Develops and maintains positive site and department climate that enhances student and staff success
  • Keeps abreast of educational development, reform and best practices and works in collaboration with district leaders in bringing effective, innovative programs into the schools
  • Monitors key district programs and initiatives and effectively communicates the district’s priorities and progress to diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders
  • Demonstrates the ability to successfully facilitate conflict resolution and collaborative decision-making


  • Recognizes patterns and trends related to school administration issues and provides leadership and support to building leaders
  • Cultivates and maintains collaborative, cross-department and cross-district working relationships
  • Ensures the development of procedures and processes related to compliance with local, state and federal laws, regulations and policies relative to teaching and learning
  • Monitors school budgets and ensures alignment with the district’s goals
  • Communicates effectively with district stakeholders
  • Leads and participates in key district programs and initiatives
  • Assists principals in employee related tasks, building governance, Site Councils, parent organizations committee structures, strategic planning and school based budgeting and staffing as needed
  • Enthusiastically promotes the Superintendent’s goals and priorities in compliance with all policies and procedures
  • Maintains absolute confidentiality of work-related issues, records and district information
  • Perform other duties as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools

Other Duties as Assigned