Non-Licensed Position


McGuire Middle School


Attendance/Bookkeeper/Clerical Float 

7.25 hours per day total

4 hrs per day, 178 days per year as Clerical Float

3.25 hrs per day, 215 days per year as Attendance/Bookkeeper

Start Date: 8/26/2020



Position Description/Qualifications:

1. The purpose of this position is to maintain accurate daily attendance for all students; maintain accurate deposits and student accounts; work cohesively with administrators, staff, parents, students and community members. 

2. Maintain accurate daily attendance for grades 6, 7, 8 – approximate enrollment of 975 students. Cooperatively work with teachers, families, and students.

3. Security Management System – directly implement and oversee the building security management system.  Positive interaction with the community, families, students.

4. Perform accurate general bookkeeping functions.  Includes: counting cash receipts and deposit slips; maintaining spreadsheet; uses appropriate account codes

5. Maintain accurate student data entry for the DIRS (MDE discipline reporting). Includes mail suspension paperwork to families; Upload the year end DIRS report to MDE

6. Minimum of High School diploma; Two-year degree preferred 

7. Bookkeeping experience, required

8. Computer literacy with PC and Mac platforms

9. Salary and benefits in accord with the Agreement with the Lakeville Educational Assistants Federation (L.E.A.F.)

10. See attached job description.

11. Clerical Float Position classified as LEAF A-1-3; 2019-2021 starting salary $16.26-$20.66 per hour depending on experience.  Attendance/Bookkeeper position classified as LEAF B-2-1; 2019-2021 starting salary $17.39-$21.78 per hour depending on experience.



Apply online @ with District Application, resume, cover letter, Letters of Recommendation.