Hours Per Day:  8

Duty Days Per Year:  261

Type of Position: Continuing

Salary: $125,279-$132,844 depending on qualifications

Supervisor of Position:  Superintendent, Beth Giese

QUALIFICATIONS:  At least 3 years of prior governmental, school or public accounting experience and 2 years management and supervisory experience.  4 year degree in Accounting, Business Administration or closely related field.  Knowledge of laws, rules, statutes and guidelines related to school finance, audit requirements, business operations, and accounting.  State funding formulas, levy process and requirements.  Organizational, management and supervisory principles, standards and practices. Knowledge of statistical, investment, budget, accounting, cash flow analysis, contract administration and purchasing best practices and procedures. Knowledge of GAAP standards, UFARS and MARSS reporting.  Data processing systems and software used in the collection, analysis, reporting and accounting financial information. Knowledge of local, state and federal reporting requirements of school finances and accounting information.

Remote work options and opportunities available.


  1. Plans, organizes, prepares and monitors the school district budget.  Consolidates educational needs and inputs from administrators, teachers, supervisors, and community members and designs a composite financial plan and annual budget.
  • Forecasts and determines future revenue based on projected enrollment, legislative changes, needs in special education, technology, capital requirements, transportation and nutrition services.
  • Monitors and oversees budgetary requests and recommendations from program managers and program areas responsible for overseeing.
  1. Serves as the chief financial officer of the school district.  Plans, formulates, organizes and administers the fiscal affairs of the school district.   
  2. Supervises department staff and manages all finance, payroll and accounting processes and operations of the Business Services; also oversees and manages the delivery of services, operations and staff of transportation services, nutrition services, purchasing (supervision of transportation dependent on applicant preference and skill set).
  • Monitors staff activities to ensure generally acceptable accounting practices, laws, rules, department and district policies and procedures.
  • Interviews, selects, evaluates, and monitors staff directly or through designated supervisor personnel.
  • Establishes work standards and oversees the organization of the department(s) falling under Business Services.
  1. Establishes and maintains an accounting system for legal accountability and reporting of all school district funds to state and federal governmental agencies and provides accurate financial information for decision making and management of district budgets. 
  2. Monitors and controls the school district’s cash flow, management and investment portfolio in accordance with rules and regulations.
  3. Coordinates school district property and casualty insurance and maintains liability insurance at appropriate levels
  4. Participates in all contract negotiations and prepares cost projections and data for proposals.
  5. Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
  • Keeps abreast of changing developments, trends, laws, rule changes, and technologies within the field.
  • Participates in staff development and professional development activities.
  • Represents the District at various regional and state meetings pertaining to job responsibilities.
  • Attends all Board meetings to provide information, assistance or clarification, as needed.