East African Cultural Liaison
Location:  Districtwide
Work Schedule:  5  S/B 8 hours per day, 178 days per year (student days, plus flexible 6 days)
Rate of Pay:  $19.62 per hour

TITLE:                                       EAST-AFRICAN CULTURAL LIAISON



Demonstrates fluent speaking and writing of English and another requested language.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in education, social work, or related field, preferred. 

Experience working in a position that requires cultural competency. 

Ability to work flexible hours to meet the needs of families, including some evenings or weekends, and home visits when necessary.


REPORTS TO:Assistant Director of Student Support Services

JOB GOAL:  Act as a liaison between the District and students and families from East-African communities.



  1. Assist and participate in developing cultural awareness and competency among district staff.

  2. Assist district staff in responding to the needs of families by meeting regularly with parents and students.

  3. Support development of students’ cultural identities by holding regular Native Nations meetings with students.

  4. Translate and interpret both verbal and written communications between district, students, and parents.

  5. Ensure awareness of and access to available programs and services in the schools to promote family engagement.

  6. Provide information to families regarding educational expectations of specific programs, such as homework, grading policies, use of textbooks, study halls, library services, internet use policy, school handbook, parent conferences, or as requested by teachers or staff.

  7. Participate in and create professional learning opportunities for staff on cultural competency and effective strategies of support.

  8. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.






TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: As per employment agreement with School Board.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually.


EVALUATION COORDINATOR: Assistant Director of Student Support Services


BOARD APPROVED: November 9, 2020