League season: August – October: two-three practices per week and 5 races. Some pre-season workouts and rides during June and July.

Primary Objective of Position:
To provide leadership and coaching services to Minnetonka Mountain Bike team members in a high school & middle school intramural co-ed league program. Ensure a safe and successful experience for all athletes. 

Job Responsibilities:
1. Lead and assist head coach with team practices, warm-ups, conditioning, and drills in accordance with coaching goals.  
2. Coach riders during league races. The Assistant Coach is expected to be at a minimum of 3 League Races.
3. Help all riders to develop to their full potential.
4. Implement program goals and guidelines; enforce discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, and establish and manage activity penalties for breach of such standards by individual students. 
5. Enforce all rules of the Minnesota State High School League, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, and Minnetonka Public School Policies as they pertain to the respective sport. 
6. Promote respect for officials, opposing coaches, other teams, parents, fans, athletes, fellow coaches, and administrators. 
7. Assist in team communication: schedule dates, times, and any changes to team members.
8. Communicate regularly with Head Coach and Recreation Program Manager.
9. Plan, coordinate, and supervise the team during events, including practices and competitions.
10. Coordinate practice schedules with the Recreation Program Manager and Head Coach.
11. Report all rider major injuries immediately to the Recreation Program Manager.
12. Maintain a high level of responsibility, confidentiality and professionalism.

Job Qualifications:
1. Extensive knowledge and experience in mountain biking.
2. Evidence of successful coaching experience, ability to teach fundamental skills.
3. CPR & First Aid Training – Will provide if needed
4. Concussion Training – Will provide if needed
5. Knowledge of State, League, and Minnetonka Public School Board Policies regarding student conduct and appropriate disciplinary action.
6. Understanding of, and agreement with the Minnetonka Public School District’s Student Activity and Athletic Code and the Coach Handbook. 
7. Positive, enthusiastic, respectful attitude.
8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, supervisors, parents, community members and students.
9. Ability to work in a collaborative coaching atmosphere and accept work direction.
10. Strong work ethic and dedication to further the benefits of student participation in co-curricular activities.
11. Commitment to program’s high standards.
12. Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.