The robotics advisor is responsible for various aspects of the robotics program such as

  • Plan and supervise effective robot building time
  • Teach aspects and fundamentals of physics, robotics and enginerring
  • Prepare and coach students during the preperation time, kick off event and competitions throughout the year
  • Manage and administer a 9th grade through 12th grade Robotics program
  • Work with area mentors to develop positive learning opportunities for students involved with the club
  • Budget and equipment planning for the robotics program in conjunction with the Activities Office


The robotics advisor is required to abide by the rules, regulations established by Austin High School, The Big 9 Conference and the Minnesota State High School League.

Essential Job Abilities:

  • Manage the total development and promotion of the robotics for Austin Public Schools
  • Have the ablity to work with and develop small machines, 3D printing and other items as it releates to developing a robot. 
  • Represent Austin High School and the Robotics program in a professional manner