Dome Supervisor
Job Description:
A Dome Supervisor is a position that supervises the Packer Dome while events are taking place.

General Duties:
Collect fees dome renter fees
Monitor traffic entering facility
Pick up garbage in facility
Lock up complex at end of night
Set up and tear down support of various events
Periodic cleaning of high-touch points
Ensure proper social distancing and mask wearing of patrons
Educate newcomers on new procedures put in place
Occasional salting and shoveling dome entrances

Position Type
This is a part-time, seasonal position, while the dome is inflated.

Applicants can expect to work 6-20 hours per week, depending on willingness, availability, and each week’s schedule. Currently, mostly weekend shifts are needed, though some weekday shifts may be needed in the future. The following are general hours of coverage (not every hour will need to be covered throughout the year):

  • Monday – Friday: 3pm – 10pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 8am – 9pm (split into two shifts

Starting Date


  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds on occasion
  • Able to work in an environment under/around 50 degrees
  • Have ability to enforce rules as issues arise
  • Must be willing to wear mask at all times