ABE Technology Specialist
ABE Program Quarryview   
M, W, F  7:30a-4:00pm,   T & Th 11:30am – 8:00pm
261 days/yr (12-month position)
Hours may vary based on building/program needs
A two-year degree from any accredited post-secondary university or college, plus two years of relevant work experience.  Must possess excellent communication and technology skills, fluency in the English language, and strong organizational and interpersonal skills. 
Provides technology leadership, training, and coordination for a sizeable adult basic education site.  Facilitating appropriate and effective uses of technology that leads to better teaching and learning.
$16.48 – $20.93/hr
Oversight of Instructional Materials

  • Manages selection and ordering of computer lab materials (i.e. books, software, etc.) through a process that involves teachers, other classroom staff, and the program supervisor. 
  • Provides access to student and staff to the computer lab collection of books, materials, software, online resources, and other educational materials.
  • Does a periodic (at minimum, yearly) inventory of all materials and resources located in the ABE computer lab.

Technology Leadership

  • Facilitates and develops the ABE program’s technology plan, taking into account feedback from teachers, other staff, and the program supervisor.
  • Takes a leadership role in promoting and demonstrating the use of new technologies and media with teachers and other classroom staff.
  • Plans cooperatively with teachers to incorporate information skills into the classroom curriculum, and assists teachers in developing resource based units and activities.
  • Oversees the maintenance, repair, upkeep, upgrading, and improvements of the ABE computer lab equipment.  Approves the disposal of outdated or nonfunctional equipment and other fixed assets following board-approved procedures.
  • Communicates and coordinates with district media personnel to enact needed and necessary upgrades within the ABE computer lab.  Enters jobs into ASAP and then follow up in a timely manner.
  • Troubleshoots a variety of computer lab and technical issues.

Training and Informing

  • Providing training and instruction to ABE learners in the areas of computer skills, Microsoft Office, internet use, email, various software products, and other instructional technology.
  • Facilitating open lab sessions based on the needs of the ABE program and the available of the computer lab.
  • Facilitates information skills as an integral part of the content and objectives of the school’s curriculum.
  • Uses a wide variety of instructional methods, media, and ways of communicating information to ensure that students can access and use all types of media.
  • Provides structured computer training programs based on the needs of the program and students, and the availability of the computer lab.
  • Creates multimedia presentations as directed by the program supervisor that highlights the activities going on at the adult basic education program.
  • Along with teachers, helps to plan and evaluate instruction which incorporates information access, use and communication skills within the context of the ABE curriculum.


  • Overseas the program’s standardized testing program.  This includes supervising the staff who facilitating numerous per- and post-testing CASAS and TABE sessions, staying in compliance with federal, state, and program requirement. 

Student Contact

  • Facilitate student intake/orientation and assessment using federally approved instruments.  Collecting federal and state mandated information.
  • Make appropriate student placements using site placement charts, in accordance with the National Reporting System (NRS).
  • Provides a positive role model for all adult learners (i.e. follows school policies and procedures, has an appropriate appearance, is courteous to staff and students, sensitive to and respectful of individual differences, etc.)
  • Upholds “Acceptable Use” computer guidelines as defined by both the district and the ABE program.


  • Using the program guidelines, establishes behavior standards for students in the computer lab.
  • Attends and presents at staff meetings and professional growth opportunities at the request of the program supervisor.
  • Communicates openly the needs of the computer lab to the program supervisor.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

All Employees of Saint Cloud School District 742 are responsible to support District goals, to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse populations of staff, students and parents and model and to promote a welcoming working and learning environment.  Employees are expected to support and adapt to change and demonstrate commitment to continuous performance improvement.  Employees are responsible to establish and maintain effective communication with students, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents, respect confidential matters, encourage a safe and secure environment throughout the District, and be dependable and accountable in the performance of their work.