1.    Works with small groups or individual students in a tutorial setting in the elementary or intermediate school setting, in the classroom or in another instructional area.

2.    Assists students with the review and reinforcement of basic reading, language and spelling skills (phonetics, decoding and comprehension, also oral and silent reading as well as other language related skills).

3.    Assists students with review and reinforcement of basic mathematics skills (math facts and concepts, computation, problem solving).

4.    Works with students in an effective, positive and encouraging manner, while keeping a timely, assigned daily schedule.

5.    Work cooperatively with classroom teachers in ways that are the most beneficial to the success of student achievement.

6.    Keeps accurate records, and is organized in maintaining instructional materials and supplies.

7.    Works in a professional and responsible manner in an academic setting.

8.    Is flexible and carries out all other duties as assigned.

9.    Supervises students in the lunch room and/or the playground.